Jason Braff – Senior Manager, Communications, Comcast Advertising
(former direct report)

Terra is amazing! I feel lucky to have worked for Terra for the past three years. She’s one of the most passionate and creative managers and colleagues I’ve had the pleasure of working with. During her time as my manager, I couldn’t have asked for a better motivator, teacher, and advocate. She’s pushed me to be better in so many different areas, and I’m thankful and grateful for that.


Paul McCarthy – Chief People Officer, SEVENROOMS
(former manager)

Terra is one of the most creative and intelligent people that I have had the pleasure of hiring and working with at LivePerson. As a wearer of many hats, Terra is very good at seeing the big picture and is always able to connect things together, especially when it counts. Her attitude and energy is contagious.

Terra has an outstanding view on how to leverage social media for an organization, including developing in-depth training programs for all staff. In addition to her forward thinking approach, she is able to consistently create and source new content for our company blog and social media channels — all built from the ground up.

I remember the day we met and I am thankful for every day following — she stays connected and engaged without wavering, all the while with a smile. One of my favorite people and a genuine lifetime connection


Kathy Mammon – Senior Director of Demand Generation, CB Insights
(former peer)

As our resident expert and social media guru, Terra was an integral part of the marketing team. Terra brings tremendous passion and creative ideas to the table and made an impressive mark on helping to drive some of the most successful campaigns in marketing. Her keen sense of savvy social media listening tactics partnered with a command of cross-functional relationships within the company enabled her to take projects to the finish line. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Terra again!


Edie Mitchell, PhD – Principal Organization Development Consultant, Oracle
(former peer)

My experience working with Terra was positively stellar. She brings very deep expertise in social media strategy and helped LivePerson and it’s senior leaders/leadership team leverage social media for recruiting efforts, external brand awareness & recognition and social selling techniques. As a partner, trusted adviser and expert, Terra was/is regularly sought out by a wide range of global leaders and employees for consultation and guidance on ways to best enhance their own social media presence, be it on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. Terra’s writing and presenting style is very professional and she’s a proactive, fantastic and fun colleague. A business can not realize their full potential for success without a social media strategist/leader at the helm. Terra’s your gal.


Jana Geyer – Occupational Health Client Liasion, Nao Medical
(former direct report)

Working with Terra was a fantastic experience. She inspired me personally as well as professionally. Terra’s travel and hospitality knowledge along with her social media manager skills made her a wonderful mentor to someone like me, who at the time was first entering the hospitality industry. Terra was a very organized manager as well as a terrific communicator at New York Guest. She was the voice of the company! New York Guest was very lucky to have Terra as a leader.

I believe that her guidance and advice as a manager has made me a better hospitality professional. THANK YOU!

Myke Mansberger
– VP, Head of People & Culture, Bombas
(former peer)

Terra is an excellent communicator and team member. She adds so much value to every conversation and always leaves me with something tangible to think about. I can always rely on Terra to provide me with insight and advice that helps me to do my job better.

Terra is at the top of her game when it comes to social media. She is always willing to spend time to educate other employees about the importance of being part of the ‘social conversation’. #amazing


Brad Drake – Account Executive, Delta Airlines
(former manager)

Terra has done an amazing job of improving the face of our team. She has taken the department from dysfunctional to efficient, improving retention, morale, and output significantly. She earned the respect of her staff, peers and superiors in a very short period of time, and has proven once and for all that our managers need to be leaders first, and consultants second. 


Bob Mitchell – Sales Director, EF Education
(former peer)

Terra and I worked together as peers for two years at EF. During this time, I have had the privilege to observe Terra’s strong work ethic, staff and project management skills, team spirit and commitment to going the extra mile. Terra was charged with reorganizing a troubled team. She quickly assessed the situation and developed and executed a plan to improve our operations group. Terra quickly earned the trust and respect not only of her team, but also the other managers who had not previously worked with her. Terra stands out among her peers for her unwavering professionalism, creative problem-solving, constant hard work and commitment to the team. She is the type of manager who can be firm with her team to accomplish difficult tasks but earns their respect by setting clear and reasonable expectations. I’ve been amazed by the loyalty she earned with a team faced with some of the most daunting tasks in our business.